Friday, 16 November 2007

Gordon Brown's dog whistle - "British jobs for British workers" supplies my quote of the day.

Gordon Brown's dog whistle "British jobs for British workers" has made the news again today. Trawling through the various stories I came across a beauty of a quote for a 'quote of the day'. It's not at all PC and that's what I like about it. It comes from a man in a position to know what he is talking about, who when asked a dodgy question, gave an honest answer.

Mark Rye, of the employment firm DKM Labour Solutions, explained why it is easier to fill vacancies with foreign workers. Mark said: "It's a lot easier to find jobs for these people because these are the people applying for the jobs. Gordon Brown's suggestion that we should march British jobless to the front of the queue belies his lack of understanding of the situation."

Now here comes the quote of the day: Asked whether many British people did not want to work, Mark replied: "Yes, I think that's one way of putting it."

Ah the truth, isn't it refreshing? Good on you Mark Rye.


Colin Campbell said...

This would be an issue in Australia except that the economy is red hot and unemployment is very low. The Government has a number of skills including medicine, nursing, construction that are almost impossible to fill. That said, there has to be something wrong with the incentive to work, training, school or societal expectations that allows this to happen.

William Gruff said...

How many of these 'Br*tish' people who aren't applying for jobs live in England, and how many are actually English?

We are constantly told about the higher rates of unemployment amongst certain ethnic groups and in the little nations of the 'union', and we know that a mere 160,000 Scots are net tax payers (for example), yet it is England that suffers the effects of uncontrolled immigration.

It seems that, yet again, England is paying for a problem not of England's making.

Daily Referendum said...


I wish I was there.

Daily Referendum said...

Evening Mr Gruff, good of you to drop in.

Do you remember the good old days when you could talk about facts without being called a racist? It seems that any criticism, whether true or false, of anyone that is not English is immediately branded Racist.