Saturday, 10 November 2007

The sensible money is on Blair to go, and Clegg to win.

I came across two interesting press releases from William Hills:

Keystone CopYOU BET BLAIR IS ON BRINK......Top cop Sir Ian Blair has been backed from 5/1 to 6/4 with William Hill to step down from office before the end of the year. Hills make him 1/2 still to be in charge at the end of 2007.

Two Horse RaceCLEGG TO CLAIM LIB DEM LEADERSHIP?.......William Hill believe that Nick Clegg is likely to beat his rival for the Lib Dem leadership, Chris Huhne.
Hills make Clegg 2/7 favourite to win the two horse race, with Huhne at 5/2, and say that almost all of the serious cash has been for Clegg, 'We have taken a series of three and four figure bets for Nick Clegg - the largest so far is £2700 from a London based internet client - while the biggest for Huhne is a £600 bet.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

I hope the first one is right. The second one doesn't matter much either way.


Anonymous said...

Please, please, please let it be Clegg. The only problem is that Lembit Opik has declared his support for him - that should bugger it!

Daily Referendum said...

Clegg seems to be giving up, or maybe he's playing it smart.