Saturday, 22 December 2007

Climate Change Part 20 (Record Snow in Toronto).

The following is an excellent post from Stephen McIntyre of Climate Audit:

The National Post reports:

A winter storm dumped more than 30 centimetres of snow on the Toronto area yesterday, with some parts of southern Ontario receiving as many as 50 centimetres of snow. Toronto usually receives approximately 30 cm of snow during the entire month of December. Yesterday’s snowfall likely trumped the previous record of 28 cm set on Dec. 11, 1944.
I can confirm that this storm was real.

In a statement from Bali, Al Gore warned:

If Canada did not immediately change its ways, it would be hit with more winter storms.
Gore added that climate models showed that global warming would lead to more Canadian snowfall or less snowfall or about the same amount of snowfall or all three and that the need for change was urgent.

Stephen McIntyre of Climate Audit was unable to comment because he was shoveling his driveway. From poolside in Bali, the Canadian delegation said that McIntyre could shovel out their driveways when he was finished.

You can read another excellent post, this time by Melanie Phillips on how cold it seems to be in the so-called period of Global Warming.


Thomas said...

Earth is round, not flat, stupid.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Thomas.

Mrs Smallprint said...

The world has seen many so called prophets come and go. Hopefully people will soon see through Gore's dodgy dogma just as they did through Tony's dodgy dossier. Lets hope he hasn't done too much damage in the mean time.

Daily Referendum said...

Mrs SP,

Gore will come out the winner no matter what happens. He's made a fortune out of peddling his rubbish. When he turns out to be wrong, he'll still get to keep the money.

William Gruff said...

I am absolutely sick of your cynicism Steve. The climate change arguments are not so hard to grasp. What is your problem?

The recent record floods and cold snaps are due entirely to man made warming of the atmosphere, and not a reflection of the 'recency' or falsification of man made records. Stop disputing the fact and get behind the project!

Now Winston, I mean Steve, how many fingers am I holding up?

Sex crime? Environmental crime? Thought crime? We're all criminals in The Tartan McReich's F├╝hrer's nasty, intolerant and imploding little banana republic. It's all in our best interests and the sooner you accept that the better it will be for you.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

Very good. You had me going at the beginning!

I remember the tarmac melting in the seventies, at the same time "scientists" were on the Telly telling us we were all going to freeze to death.

Now it's bloody freezing and they are telling us that we are going to go out in a ball of flame.

They are all mad I tell ya - mad.

William Gruff said...

Yes, it is all bollox.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Great article by Melanie. Steve, you'd like the anti-environmentalist stuff at Alan Caruba's site and Blog.

Jeremy Jacobs said...


I'm sorry

William Gruff said...

Jeremy, what on Earth are you sorry for? If it's a sound thrashing you want, you'll have to work much, much harder (I'm not easily displeased).

Are you in league with the neurotic, not to say idiotic, Triple Hyphen Higham?