Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The commons debate on political party funding.

I've been listening for about half an hour and Jack Straw has just shot himself right in the foot. In response to accusations of breaking the law, Labour have been bleating on about Lord Ashcroft's tax status. However when Jack was asked about the tax status of Labour's biggest individual donors , he said it was a matter for the Inland Revenue - CLASSIC! To make matters worse, when Jack was asked if any of the dodgy £650,000 had been paid back, he said he didn't know. Finger on the pulse Jack.

UPDATE: Well the main part of the debate is over. What was clearly evident was Labour's total lack of regret. There was talk of anger and disappointment, but the majority of Labour's comments were made in an attempt to portray the Tories and LibDems as being as sleazy as themselves. What angers me the most as a voter, rather than a Conservative party member, is the way Labour ministers sit on the front bench, laughing and joking without the slightest remorse for having broken the law.

There is now, absolutely no chance of these supposedly honorable people resigning. I only hope that the police can collate the evidence that is obviously there, and those involved receive the maximum punishment for their crimes.


British Patriot said...

Something is Missing from Britain, is it humanism. libertarianism ?

May I introduce you to Ron Paul, sadly not running over here but, I like what he's selling.


Anonymous said...

It seems amazing that breaking the law is ignored with such arrogance and disdain. Surely the police should sort them out?

Sunonmars said...

By the way is there nothing this Govt won't stoop too, just saw the piece on the Highways agency (Hello Dougie) deliberately causing traffic congestion and creating traffic jams on the motorway by using false works for a year. It would see they wanted to create a false impression of congestion? Whatever for? Road pricing influence perhaps?

Sunonmars said...

As usual old Jack is wheeled out to hold the fort and again doesnt have a bloody clue. If that was the strongest attack Labour could muster last night, they are in big trouble.
They obviously don't believe it anymore themselves.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers BP,

I'll take a look at those tonight.

Daily Referendum said...


I hope Knacker of the yard was watching this debate. If he was watching then hopefully his blood is suitably boiling.

Daily Referendum said...


I'll have a look for that Highways agency story, sadly I don't think I will be too surprised.

As for Jack, it was quite obvious that he hadn't even bothered to prepare for the debate. Pure arrogance.

Daily Referendum said...

Sorry for not answering comments from this morning, it appears that google did not forward any to me since about 3:00am.