Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Gordon Brown thinks the public will forgive and forget.

Gordon Brown Press Conference
During his monthly press conference this morning Gordon Brown said: "Many of the things that have been written about for the last few weeks would be forgotten quickly." He may be right, but the problem he and his cabinet face is the fact that the label "incompetent" sticks, and that will not be forgotten - not this time. Incompetence is not just for Christmas, it's for life. We all know from work that when someone is officially found to be incompetent they are sacked - no ifs - no buts. Gordon and his party will be sacked at the next General Election, if they think otherwise, then they are deluding themselves.

Brown then came out with a classic: "I think people know that when a problem arises we will deal with it." That is a pure, out and out lie. He knows it's a lie, but he hopes that just by saying it some of the "not so bright" members of our society may just believe him. What has he dealt with? The bank details of 25 million families are still missing, the second outbreak of foot and mouth this year was the fault of the government, every week more and more of our money is being thrown at Northern Rock, not a week goes by without some part of the public sector threatening to strike and immigration is so out of control that we have illegal immigrants working on the front desk of the bloody Home Office.

Just who does Gordon think he is kidding?

If you missed the conference you can watch the highlights by clicking HERE.


tracey said...

Steve...You're SSOOO RIGHT!!!
pleasevisit/join us at!
We all agree whole heartedly with you!

William Gruff said...

Steve you are completely wrong on this one.

Gordon deals with every problem, and I mean every problem.

Some problems he deals with by ignoring the obvious solutions but the most important ones he deals with by sweeping them under the carpet and putting his head in the heather, after putting his glass eye up his arse.

The rest he just fucks up and, as those with a service background know well enough, anything that's been well and truly fucked up has been dealt with.

Sunonmars said...

By the way did you see what the bar steward did yesterday, my jaw dropped when i saw it. His PR stunt of giving back some pension thing to that 125000 that lost it. I knew they had to fund it somehow and of guess yes.

Saw them slip it in yesterday in the house of Lords, the cheek was astounding.

Anyway, it was vomit inducing watching Brown and Darling yesterday. Best quote from the Journo's goes like this "mince, bet they are tesco value range and past its sell by date". Sounds familiar.

Daily Referendum said...


Cheers, I've now joined the group. See you there.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

You are right, I'm wrong. The man is a menace.

Daily Referendum said...


Thanks for pointing that out. Will post on it.

Anonymous said...

I have Gordon's comment about people forgetting quickly as quote of the day on my blog. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can top that for a hilariously misguided belief.

Daily Referendum said...


He thinks that if he says it enough it will come true - wrong.

I've added your blog to my blogroll, I've been meaning to do it for ages but couldn't find a suitable picture on your blog. So I've just put a picture of your blog in my roll. If you come up with a suitable picture let me know and I'll change it.