Wednesday, 12 December 2007

PMQs - Gordon Brown says Alex Salmond should be ashamed of his party.


SNP MP Angus Robertson, asked Gordon Brown whether he would join him in congratulating Alex Salmond for giving the police in Scotland a full pay rise, including back pay. Gordon gave a point blank "NO" in reply, and he said that the SNP had gone back on their promise to create 1,000 new police officers. He went on to say that Angus should be ashamed of his party for not honouring their manifesto commitment. Ahhhgggg!!!!! what a cheeky git! Gordon Brown has more faces than Big Ben's clock Tower. How the hell can he stand there and reprove anyone for going back on manifesto promises?

Incapability Brown doesn't even want to be photographed signing the traitorous EU Treaty. His claims that he can't make the signing due to being double booked are just pathetic - the Commons liaison committee have said they don't mind re-appointing their hearing. It just goes to show that the title "Bottler Brown" is well suited to our Great PM - at the first sign of a difficult decision his sphincter starts twitching like a rabbits nose.

Luckily good old Vince Cable embarrassed Brown with another great put down. Gordon tried to repeat last weeks lame joke about the LibDems penchant for changing leaders on a regular basis. However Vince came back with another beauty, Vince said: "Given his (Gordon's) own position, the prime minister might not be wise to speculate on leadership elections". Gordon will not be happy.

David Cameron's performance was workmanlike; he asked some pertinent questions, whilst managing to reinforce the image of Labour incompetence. All in all, not a good day for his incapableness.

You can watch today's PMQs by clicking HERE.

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