Thursday, 13 December 2007

UK police officers call on Home Secretary to resign

The following is a press release from the Police Federation:

UK police officers call on Home Secretary to resign

At an emergency meeting held today (12th December) about the police pay crisis, the staff associations representing the UK's 170,000 police officers have called for Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, to resign. This followed a vote of no confidence at the meeting in Jacqui Smith's ability to deal fairly with police pay and conditions. The staff associations made clear that police officers had lost trust and faith in her. Jan Berry, Chairman of the Police Federation, and Chairman of the Staff Side of the Police Negotiating Board, says:

"Police officers across the United Kingdom have delivered a clear message to the Prime Minister. We no longer have any trust or faith in the abilities of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith dealing with our pay and conditions and she must go. "This is not just about money; it is about treating police officers fairly and honouring the decision of the independent Police Arbitration Tribunal. By not honouring the deal the Home Secretary has betrayed the trust of all UK police officers. "It's clear what needs to be done. Honour the deal in full or continue to feel the might and anger of police officers, the public and a growing number of politicians."


Charlie dog said...

She won't resign and it wouldn't make any difference if she did, because the puppet master is pulling the strings and the decision was surely his.

Daily Referendum said...

Charlie Dog, I'm sure you are spot on.