Tuesday, 1 January 2008

DNA database balls-up - 13.7% of the people on it, don't exist.

Did you know that one in ten of the adult population of England and Wales are now on the DNA database? There are approximately 43m adults and there are 4,523,154 on the DNA database. Now, this is a little strange seeing as only 3,903,482 individuals have had DNA samples taken. The reason for this massive 13.7% discrepancy? Well it seems that one reason for this is that the person being arrested gave different names, or different versions of their name, on separate arrests.

Now this looks to me as if the police have taken DNA samples from people without bothering to find out their true identity - or once they have found out their true identity the arresting officer has failed to update the DNA database. Meaning there are 619,672 individuals on the DNA database that do not exist.

And Gordon Brown wants us to believe that his government can run the even larger ID Card database?

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rightsideforum said...

You would have thought any hopes for this insane ID card scheme have been destroyed because of the governments complete incompetence with our data and personal security.