Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Has Ruth Kelly met with David Abrahams or not?

The following is taken from Hansard written answers 14th Jan 2008:

Chris Huhne: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport whether she and her predecessor have met (a) Mr. David Abrahams and (b) representatives of Mr. Abrahams' companies since 2004.

Jim Fitzpatrick: My right hon. Friends the Secretary of State and her predecessors have not attended meetings in their official capacity since 2004 with Mr. David Abrahams or representatives of companies registered to Mr Abrahams.
Now, is it just me, or is the answer to the question dodging something? The question asked if they had met, which I presume to mean, well... er.... met. The answer only tells us that they did not attend meetings in their official capacity. Have they met or not?


Anonymous said...

No, it's just you Steve. In your heart of hearts, you know all Nu Labour types are beyond reproach, and are our natural superiors and betters ;-)

Daily Referendum said...

Yes Harry, silly me, what was I thinking?