Thursday, 24 January 2008

Peter Hain has just resigned from the cabinet - about bloody time

Peter Hain has just resigned from the cabinet - about bloody time. Apparently he has stepped down to give himself chance to clear his name over his dodgy looking donations. I think the fact that he has resigned pretty well points to the fact that he won't be able to prove his innocence. How long has this been going on? Gordon Brown should have sacked him the moment this came to light, instead he either disappeared or dithered.

Will this be the first of many? Now that the ball is rolling, how many will it take out before it comes to a stop?

I'm sure that there are those (Harman, Alexander) who should also be going, but need a shove. Come on Gordon, make a decision.

Well done Guido Fawkes


Anonymous said...

Hain is hero and has been killed by brutal tory blogosmeare. Hain fought again the south african police state now ill they ask osboune to resign who did scandal over more cash.

Anonymous said...

"""Tory blogosmeare"""

Your are funny. A few facts.

Guido ( Paul Staines ) is an Irish Citizen living in Ireland. He is a Member of a small right wing party called the Irish Progressive Democrats ( The Irish equivalent of UKIP ).

He is also currently under investigation by the UK Charity Commission.

Furthermore Paul Staines runs a few of his own businesses. The main one being, EOS Online. This company offers businesses financial services. Their main business stream is Tax Avoidance. They help small firms set up Tax Haven status and pride themselves on offering Anonymity ( How Ironic ).

I hope you saw Paul Staines on Newsnight. He was dreadful, If he is your hero, god help you.

Anonymous said...

It is on the mirror and the telegraph Guido a is secret stooge of tory party HQ. He has been found out due to a letter he sent which had a tory party legal disclaimer on it. Guido is Tory party black op.

Daily Referendum said...


One: you are talking bollox.

Two: It is not my business what Guido gets up to.

Three: It is my business what Hain gets up to.

Four: Live with it.

Anonymous said...

21:13 Secret intelligence stooge tory stooge not much difference they guy is a stooge and should piss off. Now keep talking to you balls as they make more sense than you. .