Saturday, 12 January 2008

Will Peter Hain go against labour policy and resign?

Peter Hain has already delayed his 10:30 press conference twice and we are still waiting for his 14:30 statement. Will Peter go against Labour Party policy and do the honourable thing by resigning? The MSM don't seem to think he will, and to be honest I will be very shocked if Hain does not tough it out. Gordon Brown has given his support to Hain, however there are rumours circulating the blogosphere that Gordon's own campaign funding may not be whiter than white.

I'll keep you updated as things develop.

UPDATE: Hain will NOT be resigning. He's issued written statement to the media claiming that he has done nothing wrong, but apologises for any embarrassment caused by delays in reporting donations to the electoral commission.

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Terrible Tory Girl said...

I don't think resignation or decency are two words in the Labour dictionary.

Good to see you back!