Friday, 15 February 2008

Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) Jobs are to be cut by the MOD.

Let me ask you a question: Suppose you are responsible for the protection of the United Kingdom from all aggressors. With that threat ever increasing, would you:

a) Increase Intelligence funding and staffing levels to meet this increased threat.

b) Implement the recommendations made in the Butler Review to improve the way our intelligence community operates.


c) Slash 121 posts from the Defence Intelligence Staff (The DIS analyses information from GCHQ, MI6 and the MoD).

I suspect that anyone of reasonable intelligence would have gone for answers a) or b) or both. Can you guess which option the MOD are going for? That's right..... c).

There is pattern emerging here. When we have an increase in childbirth rates, what do our great labour government do? They reduce the number of midwives and close down maternity wards. When violent crime is on the increase, what do the government do? They reduce the number of Police Constables and replace them with civilians in police uniform with no actual powers. When we are engaged in a level of armed conflict unseen for 40 years, what do the government do? They reduce manning levels of our armed forces and fail to provide the required level of funding to keep them safe. There are more examples of this kind of gross negligence - feel free to add to them in the comments section.

And now they want to cut back on our intelligence analysts? Priceless....


thud said...

Black is white,up is down...I have no idea what is going on anymore...we are buggered!

Anonymous said...

For those that have been watching the New Labour government from the start it has been obvious that there is some kind of reveloutionary idealism driving all their political moves. There have been attacks on the justice system, the armed forces, parts of the police and most other of our institutions including the Monarchy.
The problem with this kind of idealism is that it leads people to do things which are damaging both to society and to peoples lives. The under funding of the armed forces and removal of control of Logistics is not mistake of governance, it is being done on purpose to undermine the forces and seperate them from the Monarchy and other institutions.
I think that new Labour are prepared to let people die to force loyal individuals out of the armed forces to allow for a change of ethos.
This is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

It is quite simple. About 15 years ago they spent £90 million pounds refurbishing the Old War Office as the new home of the DIS. The DIS was spread over several buildings including the Main Building.

Recently they completed about £2.5 billion pounds of refurbishment on the Main Bldg. There is room for about 75% of the DIS in the MB, so they are getting rid of 25% and moving the rump back into the MB.