Thursday, 14 February 2008

Don't miss Question time tonight - Caroline Flint

Don't miss Question time tonight, Caroline (If looks could kill) Flint is on and she is always good for a laugh. It's worth watching to see if she can reply to a single question with a straight answer (unlike all the other Labour MPs). I guarantee she will lose her temper, and even better - Clive James will drag her over the coals in his usual sarcastic manner. I can't wait. In the meantime I'm having a Chinese delivered and I'm trying out Chicken Kung Po for the first time. You can't call me unadventurous.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Interestingt to note, from a Lib Dem point of view, that there were two tories (Malanie Phillips and Sayeeda Warsi) and no Lib Dems, in a town (Watford) with a Lib Dem council, a Lib Dem elected Mayor and a top Lib Dem target seat.

QT regularly have on Tory PPC's (Priti patel) and often have Tory journalists on (Heffer, Amanda Platell, etc).

So I didn't watch QT. It seems pointsless them touring the country and then going places with a strong Lib Dem presencse only to ignore us.

I know the Tories like to go on about BBC bias, but it is nothing compared to the bias against the Lib Dems.

I'll go away and stop ranting now :-)

Daily Referendum said...


I agree, there is a lack of Lib Dems on the show. I wonder if it is direct bias by the BBC or whether the party are avoiding the public stage until Clegg settles in and they have their policy straight. I know that it now looks like there could be some division on the Lisbon Treaty. It's good to see some Lib Dems feel they have a manifesto promise to keep.

Beaman said...

Couldn't the Bishop of Hulme have been considered a Lib Dem? ;)

Daily Referendum said...


I think you could be right.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Tsk, tsk, I missed Melanie