Sunday, 17 February 2008

Hospital Parking: Scotland takes another dig at Gordon Brown.

Do you think they are doing on purpose? It seems that every one of those annoyances we have to put up with in England is being dealt with in Scotland. This time it's Hospital parking fees. Scotland's Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has announced that anyone visiting any hospital in will pay a maximum of £3 for the day. Is Alex Salmond doing it to wind up Gordon Brown? Is he intentionally making Gordon look bad? If he is, he's doing a good job of it. The list of wind-ups is growing longer: Tuition fees, Police pay, nurses pay, School meals, life saving drugs, toll roads and many many more.

I'm pro- English Parliament, but I don't hold what Alex Salmond is doing for his people against him, or Scotland. It's not Alex's fault that he is able to provide the Scottish with services we are denied in England.

That's down to Gordon Brown.

Update: It's funny, when I wrote this post this morning it was with this kind of response from Gordon Brown in mind: Click HERE

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Anonymous said...

My ex worked in the local hospital, was moved, non-consensually to what the powers that be decreed would be the regional hospital and after two years there was informed that the car parks would be privatised and that she should be happy to be charged a minimum of £60 per week to park her car there(yip, the one she did not have to buy to walk to her previous...). She was also informed that if she should not feed the meter at regular intervals she would be penalised at £20 a time.

She runs one of the busiest theatres in Scotland and never, repeat, never knew when she would finish her shift.

I understand it's called a vocation. I understood.

That's all that Salmond is doing: understanding fairness versus unfairness - it is what I, seemingly uniquely as I never went through the nonsense of travelling from the political left to the political right, always believed Labour was about.

Until that is, I grew up politically.

When I was sixteen.

It took me five minutes of thought.

That is why I have told anyone who does not mind being bored to death that the only political party ever to get more than 50% of the Scottish electorate vote were the Conservatives.

And that is why I have(repeat above) that the only way that can be replicated is via Independence.

It will get rid of the Labour/New Labour/Mendacious/Corrupt/Hegenomy/
Pocket Lining Filth that has for too many years dictated our way of life up here.


Judging by the good people of England that I have had the pleasure to meet I fully agree with your desire for an English Parliament etc.

I wish you all well and (really) pray that in the near future we can somehow come to agree that the EU is a bastardised organisation that must be stopped by force, if necessary, and we can all live freely as, perhaps not the UK but maybe, I don't know, the, the, Gawd I'm struggling... the...

West Indies!


keep up the good work,