Saturday, 2 February 2008

US Presidential Elections: Steve Green enters the fray.

I'm on nights at the moment, and I thought I would use any spare time I have on shift to finally get around to learning about the US Presidential Elections. You may have noticed that I have not posted a single item on the subject, well that's because I've never been even slightly interested in the whole rigmarole leading up to the big day. Now I've looked into it, rigmarole is the right word - what a bloody palaver. No wonder it lasts so long and costs so much.

I've now got to grips with the basics of how a President is selected. Next, I must get to know the runners and their policies a little better. I'm afraid Hillary is going to have to impress because I have a low opinion of her already. I'll go into that later - and no, it's nothing to do with her being a woman. Well that's tonight's on shift reading sorted out. When I think I've got a good picture of the whole circus I'll write my first US Presidential Election post. No doubt my opinion will cause some disagreement and argument amongst readers, but hey - that's what blogs are all about.

Right I'm back off to bed - I'm back on shift from 6pm through to 6am. See you later.

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