Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Child Indoctrination - Spring Day for Europe 2008.

I cannot believe what I've just stumbled across: Have you ever heard of "Spring Day for Europe 2008?" No I thought not. This is how the European Parliament's website describes this well known event:

For the sixth time in row spring will not be only a season of blossoming flowers but also a time when students all over the world can get to know more about the European Union. Spring Day for Europe, the event organised by European Commission in cooperation with the European Parliament and other EU institutions, runs this year between 25 March and 30 June. Spring Day for Europe is an annual event open to all schools in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. During this time schools are encouraged to organise events that could help students understand better how the EU and its institutions work. Teachers and pupils discuss EU issues and share their own opinions and visions about Europe.
You may have notice that I've enlarged a certain section of the above text. That section immediately caused my blood to boil. The EU is a political matter and teachers should not under any bloody circumstance "Share their opinions and visions" with students.

European Parliament Vice President, Mr Alejo Vidal-Quadras says that event is very important:
"European integration needs symbols and references. The celebration of the Spring Day for Europe has become a significant date for all European young people. This year in particular the theme ‘Bridging cultures through dialogue’ is an invitation to reflect our cultural diversity as an element of enrichment of our common project."
Are these the same symbols removed from the Lisbon Treaty to make it more palatable?

I don't know if it is just me, but this has the hallmarks of a Mel Brooks production:

"Spring Day for Merkel and Sarkozy" Come on everybody, sing along!


William Gruff said...

Before we know it, we'll all be wearing Edelweiss on St George's Spring Day For Europe.

What fun that will be, eh?

Der Morris Dancing und Yack in Der Grun ist verboten mit den mince pies und Bonfeuer Nacht, because celebrating deep rooted national customs is contrary to the spirit of diversity and confounds its divisiveness.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

Excellent, made me laugh. I don't think New Labour will be promoting this much.

William Gruff said...

What is that Labour are promoting these days, apart from the EU and the Tartan McReich's F├╝hrer’s vision of England in ashes, not (note) The Ashes, which are, of course, sacrosanct and beyond the reach of any Scotch team.

I ask as a former Labour Party activist, and I answer myself: Fuck you! That's what Labour are for, now.

It hurts to write such things but the truth cannot be denied: Fuck you, you tax paying, law abiding cunt! That's Labour now.

My apologies for the sweary blog swearing: It's late and I've had an unusual day, and shall have another tomorrow, and I've had a fair bit to drink.

Harry Hook said...

I feel a song coming on...

Pablo the Scot said...

I think we need to contact Mel Brooks immediately and either warn him of copyright infringement, or else ask him if he could right a suiable song!