Monday, 3 March 2008

Hospital parking fees - The English lose out again.

Why are we English always the poor relations when it comes to public services? Today the BBC are telling us that Hospitals in Wales will be bringing in free parking from the 1st of April. This follows an announcement by the Scottish health secretary that a maximum of £3 will be charged in their hospital car parks. Will this happen in England? will it hell, not as long as Gordon Brown is in charge.

This is a chart showing the parking fees at my local hospital in Portsmouth. This is nothing more than a sickness tax. What really disgusts me is the fact that Doctors and Nurses have to pay for the privilege of parking at work.


Anonymous said...

Hospital parking fees take advantage of the sick and needy. A nominal fee might be acceptable but making money out of it is just not on.

Toque said...

When I lived in Edinburgh my brother got a job at the new PFI Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

He decided that he would cycle to work, it wasn't far, and being a bit of a hippy he wanted to do his bit.

Only to discover that it cost £3 a day to park his bloody bike on hospital premises. So much for encouraging a healthy lifestyle!

Just Me said...

Definately worse off living in England than Wales & Scotland in particular when it comes to social & health programs.
Yes, true how awful to have to pay @ work, unless there is a special parking section for Dr's only(class system at it's best) or as one I know did, borrow a disabled badge and park by the front door...tsk tsk, the lengths the wealthy go to, to avoid parking charges!

Mark M Heenan said...

In the Council ward I represent the parking fees at the hospital mean all the little residential roads nearby are almost universally chocka with parked cars during the day. It's a real pain to all concerned as you can imagine.