Monday, 17 March 2008

London Mayor - Magic our Boris! (12 point lead).

Magic our Boris!A YouGov poll for today's Evening Standard shows Boris Johnson to be extending his lead over Red Ken in the London Mayoral race. Boris is now polling about 49% of the population of London (no jokes please), Ken is on 37% (he's been polling the whole of London for quite a while) and Brian Paddick is dragging arse on 12%.

Meanwhile Ken is having problems with Porsche. From the Guardian:

The row between Porsche and the mayor of London intensified last night when Ken Livingstone called on the luxury car manufacturer to abandon its legal challenge to a new £25 polluters' charge, claiming it did not have the support of Londoners.
This is going to be a very bad year for Labour.

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dirty european socialist said...

Boris is not as good as Ken. Ken is a working class Londoner. Vote for Kne.