Tuesday, 22 April 2008

David Davis is a victim of credit card fraud

Iain Dale's mate David Davis has been ripped off to the tune of £1000 by credit car fraudsters. Apparently he had no idea until his bank informed him that his card had been used to buy goods in the UK and the states. Luckily for David his card has now been cancelled and the money reimbursed by the bank.

BBC News reporter Anna Adams, who has carried out an undercover investigation into card fraud said: "Mr Davis revealed his plight to me when I contacted him for a comment on my undercover report. "He said to me, 'This could happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The fact it happened to me just goes to show that'. "Mr Davis told me he believes cyber crime is already a huge problem and is growing, and he feels much more needs to be done about it."


Norfolk Blogger said...

I don't know more than three people who have not been the victims of this crime, particularly since Chip and Pin haas been introiduced. We need a more secure system introduced quickly but the banks don't want to pay for it.

Andrew Allison said...

When you pay for goods in a shop using chip and pin, how many times do you get your card checked? I could present Joe Bloggs' card and the assistant wouldn't be any the wiser. All they are interested in is the correct pin going in to the machine.

You can take a card illegally and simply type in a few numbers and buy anything you want off the internet.

Security is so lax to the point of being non-existant. The banks need to get their act together, quickly.

Anonymous said...

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