Friday, 18 April 2008

Ed Balls doesn't like the taste of his own medicine.

Andrew Sparrow of the Guardian points out in his article that Ed Balls is not so good at receiving as he is at giving. Gordon Brown's MPs are starting to see their careers going down the pan and they see Gordon has the main cause. There are many MPs sat on the Labour back benches who know that no matter how safe their seats have been, there's an increasing chance that when the music stops at the next General Election, they will be left standing. They will think that they could lose their seats, not because of anything they may have done, but because of the Lisbon Treaty, Northern Rock, 10p tax, dithering, etc, etc, etc... i.e. Gordon Brown.

I have no doubt that Brown's days are numbered, almost two hundred thousand pounds in salary and expenses is a lot for many MPs to lose. Many will be worrying how they are going to pay the mortgage and school fees. Something will have to go, and if it is a choice between Gordon Brown and the lifestyle many of these career politicians have become accustomed to, then Gordon is already gone - He just does not know it yet.

May 2nd will see the start of the end of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Those who want him out are only waiting for what will inevitably be a poor result in the local elections - Ed Balls included.


Harry Hook said...

I have to disagree... Labour are good at spinning the pre-election 'Doom & Gloom' scenario only to claim a clear mandate from the voters when polling proves only a complete disaster... instead of a complete and utter fucking route. If there is another general election, by hook or by crook, Labour will win.

Daily Referendum said...


No no no no no. I can't stand more of those incompetent idiots.

Harry Hook said...

I truly sympathise Steve... but what great future statesman would allow a yob to use the back of his jacket as a snot rag? If they're cocky enough to do that, then it's going to be a knife or a bullet next. Cameron is making us all feel that bit more vulnerable, while seeming impotent to deal with our deep seated fears.

As far as 'incompetent idiots' are concerned... there's not many politicians who don't fit that category.