Thursday, 24 April 2008

Gordon Brown turns on a tenpence (Nick Robinson interview).

Nick Robinson has interviewed Gordon Brown following his disastrous U turn and an equally pathetic PMQs. It could have been a chance for a bit of honesty and humility, but Gordon doesn't dance to that tune. Instead, Brown - well how can I put this? oh yes that's it - lied through his teeth. Nick did his best to get Brown to admit that today's panic announcement was a U turn on his repeated stance of last week - to no avail.

See for yourself by clicking HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Getting the policy right is best, but decisiveness is also very important.
As the 10% tax issue is of very limited impact in the UK as a whole, vacillating over it once announced was a big mistake. To make such a big mistake shows a lack of vision and strong leadership. It also shows an attentiveness to pressure from reporters that they must be proud of.