Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Jacqui Smith accused of breaking election rules.

Just when Nick Robinson is telling us how the timing of Gordon Brown's visit to the US could have been much better - Jacqui Smith puts her foot right in it. I wonder if Gordon knows yet. I suppose he's getting the news as I'm typing this. I would not like to be the poor sod that has to give him the not so good news. Jacqui has been reported by the Conservatives for allegedly breaking election rules by making her terror police announcement during the local election period.

The letter of complaint was sent to the cabinet secretary by shadow communities secretary Eric Pickles:

"It is clear that Labour ministers have intentionally broken Cabinet Office rules in an attempt to create a political smokescreen. "They are trying to hide the fact that police authorities across the country are now axing the number of police officers, whilst hiking the police levy on council tax bills."

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