Sunday, 8 June 2008

Lisbon Treaty - Yes vote just leads in Irish poll.

From William Hill:

Punters & Politicians Left Scratching Their Heads Following Latest Lisbon Treaty Poll

The Yes Campaign has a slender 3% lead going into the final few days before Ireland’s referendum on the controversial Lisbon treaty. The latest Red C poll in the Sunday Business Post has the Yes campaign sitting on 42%, the No’s at 39%, and the undecided’s at 19%.

Earlier in the week a TNS/mrbi poll indicated that the opponents to the Lisbon treaty had a 5 percentage point lead over those in favour of it.

The latest Red C poll has also had an effect on bookmakers betting on the Lisbon Treaty. William Hill now make a YES vote their 2-7 favourite, and offer odds of 5-2 for a NO vote. Prior to today’s poll the bookies had made the No’s 8-11 favourite, however, they were forced to reassess their prices after seeing the Red C Poll.

William Hill’s Irish spokesman Tony Kenny commented “It still looks to close to call” he continued “We’ve seen a lot of money for both sides of the debate, and it will be very interesting to see what happens over the next few days”

“At this stage we make the Yes campaign slight favourites, but we still think it will be a very nervy Friday the 13th for Brian Cowen, and the Pro treaty campaigners”

The Referendum will take place on Thursday 12th of June – with the result announced on Friday the 13th of June.

Lisbon Treaty Referendum On The 12th Of June: (William Hill Bet) 2-7 Yes, 5-2 No
I think that William hill may lose money on this. It's well known that these polls are miles out when it comes to referendums. The undecideds tend to favour the NO vote and those opposed to the Treaty have strong feelings about the issue and are more likely to go out and vote.

Breaking News: If you are Irish you must read this before voting. Your government has held secret talks in Brussels to get around a 'NO' vote tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

On an RTE radio show text-in on Thursday 5th June (The Joe Duffy Show) 57% voted NO and 43% voted YES. The pole was take over 12 minutes, without warning, and 12,000 people voted. On a brekfast television show on Tuesday 10th June 85% said they would vote NO and only 7% declared for the YES side with 8% undecided.

Anonymous said...

The Lisbon Treaty has been defeated by the Irish electorate. The final result is about 53% against and 47% in favour of ratification of the Treaty.