Thursday, 10 July 2008

Gordon Brown - Come down from Dithering Heights.

You've got to watch THIS. George Osborne is going for William Hague's funny man of the Tories title. He does however manage to get across a very serious point.


William Gruff said...

Who was that fellow with white hair, black eyebrows and a Scotch accent? I don't think I've seen him speaking in the house before.

I was reminded of a lapdog that yaps when his master is absent, for want of anything to do.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

Yes, he just bumbled his way through the usual Labour lines. Deflect, deflect and deflect.

Anonymous said...

Darling really is a retard. His retort was a pathetic 'took you a while to come up with that'. And then he blabbers on trying to make Osborne look inconsistent, when Osborne, and Cameron for that matter, have always, always said that if a green tax is going to go up, then another one has to come down. He actually says it himself: "a commitment to raise the proportion of tax take from green taxes". Yes, the proportion of overall tax take will include a higher percentage of green taxes, while others can come down. How did we end up with a Chancellor who doesn't actually understand tax?

Daily Referendum said...


The entire front bench are a bunch of Muppets. All those in the Labour party with the slightest bit of character have been moved to the backbenches by Brown.