Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Great British betrayal - Lisbon Treaty Ratified

Without giving the British people their promised referendum, and totally ignoring the result of the Irish referendum, Gordon Brown and his cronies have ratified the Lisbon Treaty. The timing of Europe minister Jim Murphy's announcement could not be more cynical. The government are obviously hoping to avoid the flak that is most certainly inbound by issuing the ratification notice the day before parliament goes into summer recess. No doubt they are hoping that public unrest will have died down by the time that parliament resumes later in the year.

It may have died down but this underhanded attack on our sovereignty will not be forgotten. We are being ruled by a law mad superstate that doesn't understand the meaning of the word NO. As the Bruges group point out: From 1st May 2008 to 15th July the EU has passed 282 laws which will impact on the UK. Since May 2007 the total is 1,798. This is where a great deal of our money is being wasted, money that we desperately need in the current financial climate. What's more, a great number of these Laws are driving many of the UK's small businesses into ruin thanks to the endless reams of red tape they have to unravel.

For this reason alone, Gordon Brown should not be allowed to work in politics ever again. He will be remembered as the Useless PM who gave away the UK's sovereignty to the EU - totally against the wishes of her people.


Anonymous said...

Rather snuck that one out from under the carpet, didn't they?

It wouldn't surprise me if Brown signed that on the toilet and then quickly stuck the letter, complete with Christmas stamp to disguise it, in Darling's out-tray.

Daily Referendum said...


Typical cowardly Brown. Issue figures showing that crime is down and use it to bury the ratification. The man is a tosser.

J J said...

Unfortunately no-one gives a monkeys what we think!

We are here to pay our taxes and keep our traps shut.

If we don't like it, hard luck.

Our electoral system doesn't even let us get the government we want.

Anonymous said...

jj said "Our electoral system doesn't even let us get the government we want".
Oh yes it does, and on three occasions this amazingly sleezy, incompetent, ignorant/arrogant bunch were given huge majorities by the most deluded electorate in modern history. Why blame them, they can not be blamed since they are able to claim immunity as elected representatives of the people and therefore beyond reproach.

J J said...


Unfortunately we do not get the government we want.
This is because of our electoral system.
More people voted against the current government than voted for it. That is not democracy.

If it happened in a third world country our government would shout that it was unrepresentative.
They would be right.

Unfortunately we are not even given the rights of a third world country.

Dragonstar said...

I'm frequently confused by British politics - but then, I'm frequently confused by people!

Thank you for visiting yesterday, and your kind comment. The flower is what I used to know as a French Marigold but I can't remember its"correct" name.