Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Police - Colleague’s murderer wins appeal and the government dump on you.

It's not been a great day for the police. If I were a Police Officer, tonight I would be asking myself "Is it worth taking crap all day and risking my life, only to be shat on by the government?"

From the Police Federation:

Responding to news that the killer of PC Ian Broadhurst has won an appeal against a life meaning life prison sentence on the grounds of human rights, Julie Nesbit, Chairman of the Constables' Central Committee of the Police Federation of England and Wales, says:

"This is an absolute disgrace and insult to the family, friends and colleagues of PC Ian Broadhurst who was brutally murdered by David Bieber on Boxing Day in 2003.

"Bieber is a monster. Did he stop to consider Ian's human rights, or the rights of his family, when he shot him dead at point blank range?

"Society expects police officers to put themselves between trouble and the public. The decision today lets down all police officers and is nothing more than a victory and green light for those vicious and senseless thugs who think nothing of taking the life of a police officer."
To add insult to injury, it looks like the police are going to get shafted on their pay deal for a second year:

Paul McKeever, Chairman of the Staff Side of the Police Negotiating Board, says:

"We are bitterly disappointed that a failure to agree has been registered at the Police Negotiating Board today.

"Despite assurances that there would be fair negotiation this year, the Official Side of the PNB yet again appear to have their hands tied behind their backs by a government intent on driving down police pay, failing to recognise the unique status of police officers and the restrictions placed on their working and private lives.

"The Official Side's one year offer of 2.325% is insulting and adds to the sense of injustice experienced by police officers last year.

"We will take our very fair and reasonable claim of 3.5% to conciliation or the independent Police Arbitration Tribunal and fight to ensure that police officers receive the very best deal possible."


Mulligan said...

The human rights act ... Brought in by a Labour Government... as they loudly and proudly proclaim.

And still leftie nutters espouse that it was Thatcher that ruined our country. (7 years too early and the wrong gender for her to be guilty of that charge)

James Higham said...

To add insult to injury, it looks like the police are going to get shafted on their pay deal for a second year:

Unlike the MPs last week.

mrsnesbitt said...

I wasn't aware of this as I have not been listening to the news of late, grabbing some time in the garden, however this thoroughly disgsted me. Surprised? sadly not. Just an indication of where the country is heading at the moment.

Daily Referendum said...


The Human rights act is a bit like taking the bullets out of your own gun. You can't shoot anyone, but you can't protect yourself either.

Daily Referendum said...


Of course.

Daily Referendum said...


Is it any wonder people are leaving?