Saturday, 2 August 2008

David Miliband now 2/1 favourite to replace Gordon Brown

From William Hill:
DAVID MILIBAND-mania has hit political punters who have rushed to back David Milband to become the next leader of the Labour Party.

William Hill have been taking bets of up to £500 a time for him, and were forced into evasive action by slashing his odds from 7/2 to 2/1 favourite to succeed Gordon Brown.
'Miliband-mania seems to have taken hold and political punters are backing him as though a leadership election contest was imminent and he was the only candidate' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.Hills make Jack Straw 4/1 second favourite to become the next leader with Alan Johnson at 5/1; Harriet Harman 7/1; Jon Crudass 8/1; John Denman 10/1; Ed Balls 12/1; James Purnell 16/1.

MILIBAND is 5/1 with Hills to be the new leader by January 1, 2009; 4/9 still to be Foreign Secretary on that date; 4/1 to be Chancellor then; 16/1 no longer to be in the Cabinet; 20/1 to occupy any other Cabinet position.**Meanwhile, Hills offer 5/4 that Mr Brown will be out of office before the end of this year; 11/8 that he will go in 2010 and 3/1 in 2009.

Brown is 5/6 to lead the Party into the next General Election, 5/6 not to.Hills offer 4/7 that the next Election will be in 2010; 8/1 this year; 5/2 Jan-June next year; 9/1 July-Dec next year.

**ANDY KERR is 2/5 favourite to become the next leader of the Scottish Labour Party with Hills who also offer 7/2 Iain Gray; 9/2 Cathy Jamieson.

**THE CONSERVATIVES are 2/9 favourites to win the next General Election with William Hill who make Labour 3/1 with the Lib Dems 100/1,and also offer 5/2 about a Hung Parliament.
Hills offer 6/4 that the Tories will win 375 or more seats at the Election, which will see them win in a virtual landslide.
What would Alan Sugar say to this? Does anyone care?


Bill said...

And after all this is the most important topic to discuss isn't it.

And the 35% increase in gas bills? A mere bagetelle, barely worth considering. Let the poor heat their homes with candles ungrateful so-and-so's here we are discussing The Leadership of The Party.

James Higham said...

2 to 9 is not as short priced as I'd imagined.

Daily Referendum said...


If I wrote about bills going up, I'd be writing the same post at least once a week. It is disgusting, however any windfall tax the government claim will not be used to reduce our bills it will just go to the treasury.

Daily Referendum said...


The bookies are always cagey.