Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Gordon Brown - Death plot.

A fifth man has been arrested in connection to the alleged death plot to kill Gordon Brown. The threats by a group calling itself 'Al Qaeda in Britain' were spotted by Anti-terror officers on a Jihadi website in January. The fourth man arrested on Tuesday is said to be a white Muslim convert. If this man is found guilty of being involved in a plot to kill the Prime Minister, what does it have to say about the state of the country when a white British citizen feels compelled to take such action? What does it say about our foreign policy (from a British Muslim perspective), and has the extension of the detention without charge limit to 42 days had any influence?

The first three to be arrested over the alleged threats have been held for 13 days and tomorrow the police must either charge the men, apply for an extension of custody or release them. At the moment it all seems a bit flimsy, the police have admitted that they have yet to find any evidence of plot to kill the PM, they are just investigating the alleged threats. Saying that, at what point does a threat become a plot? If you say "I'm going to kill Gordon Brown" have you already started plotting his demise?


BlairSupporter said...

What does it say about YOU and your ilk - a Conservative! - that the first thing you do is to blame our country?

Shameful knee-jerk reaction.

People like these who mean to destroy us, have been at this business for decades. It's NOT because of our foreign policy!

Watch this video and listen to this man - Ayman Al Zawahiri, Al Qaeda's Number 2 to Osama bin Laden.

Over 20 years ago, from the early 1980s, and from his own lips, this man is shown saying:

"We are Muslims. Muslims who believe in terrorism".

You really need to understand better the PHILOSOPHY of such as these. They hold their "religious"/political fundamentalist doctrine above all else, including democracy.

Whether the FIVE arrested are guilty of anything I would not know nor pass a judgement. Let the law take its course. But I DO know that there are many plotting and planning all sorts of atrocities in our land and not just against the deserving opposition, who, (presumably) you think would only be getting what they deserve if murdered.

Daily Referendum said...


You've read a lot more than I've written. I think you've had a "Shameful knee-jerk reaction".

John M Ward said...

This story does seem a bit odd, and the timing is interesting too. There apparently is no "plot" anyway.

It's almost as if (just as a hypothetical scenario) the PM, scheming away as we know he has been and desperate to regain credibility, came up with the wheeze that a purported personal threat to him would gain him some sympathy.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that this was engineered. Something like: "Pick up a group of those you have been watching, my good friend Mr Chief Constable (or whoever runs such operations) on the basis of...", perhaps with the promise of a CBE or something come January.

As I say, it's just hypothetical, a wild thought I had while reading about this alleged assassination plot-that-isn't. I must stop watching those American drama series...

Anonymous said...

I agree with blairsupporter. You're very wrong to blame our foreign policy, and in particular to think there is something especially significant about a white being involved. There is no continuum of opinion from acceptable Muslim outrage to violent outrage. Those who view our policy through the prism of entirely Muslim concerns - those who accept the Islamic idea that an attack on one Muslim country is an attack on all Muslims - are already beyond what is acceptable in our societies, and what allows a democratic, pluralistic society to function.

Daily Referendum said...


You're another one putting words in my mouth. Read my post again. I asked questions, I did not blame anyone or anything.