Sunday, 3 August 2008

Tony Blair attacks Gordon Brown in secret memo (allegedly).

Gordon BrownThe Mail on Sunday reports of a alleged secret memo by Tony Blair. The memo was sent after a conference season which saw Gordon Brown bottle out of a general election. In the memo Tony says:

"The real problem was not the brilliance of the Tory conference, but the hubris and vacuity of our own,"

"This meant the Tories, by having something to say on policy, appeared substantial and to represent the future."
I hope this puts and end to the rubbish being spewed out about the Conservatives having no policy. Since Gordon Brown assumed power (or grabbed it from Blair), Labour's only decent policies have been the ones that they have stolen from the Conservatives.

Of course, the big question is: Who leaked this secret memo?

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John M Ward said...

In order to narrow the list, we need to know to whom it was originally sent, including copy recipients, and if any of those copied, quoted or forwarding it to anyone else.

That information doesn't seem to be in the public domain at present (unless I've missed it) so it is hard to deduce who the leaker might have been. I'd be fascinated to know, though!