Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fuel poverty package - the spin free truth.

Want to know the spin free truth behind Gordon Brown's fuel poverty package? The click HERE to read the Telegraph's edited transcript of the bad-tempered exchange on Radio 4's Today Programme between the Environment Secretary Hilary Benn and presenter Evan Davis.

From the Guardian:

The director general of Age Concern, Gordon Lishman, said: "Energy efficiency measures are a key part of the long-term solution to fuel poverty, but problems with the schemes the government are using to reach low-income households are leaving many without the help they need." The government must also recognise that energy efficiency measures alone will not solve fuel poverty."
From the BBC:
An executive at energy firm E.On has sparked anger after saying that the continued high gas and electricity prices would mean "more money for us".
From the Independent:
"Mervyn Kohler, special adviser at Help the Aged, said: This is a flimsy and failing package which does little to help older people struggling to cope with soaring fuel bills. The statement simply lacks energy. "If the Government wants to meet its legal obligations to eradicate fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions, ministers are going to have to deliver a lot more than this. "Enhancing home insulation is a step in the right direction, but older people need help right now as the winter months approach. "Individual changes which have been flagged by the Prime Minister are sensible and move in the right direction, but they are too little, too modest and will take too long to address the urgent plight of many pensioners today."
This package amounts to some of the most disgusting spin I've ever seen. We need to get rid of these cheating idiots now.


Man in a Shed said...

It gets better. Apparently the people in the insulating trade think it will take ten years to do what Gordon wants them to do in three.

Also of course the customer will have to pay for all this in the end.

Plus they have gone for their usual spin on adding a number of years together to get their figures. ( With inflation at 5% and rising this is not to be ignored ).

Its just amazes me how fast everything Gordon Brown says unravels these days. It would be funny if we weren't all paying for his little journey of self discovery.

William Gruff said...

'An executive at energy firm E.On has sparked anger after saying that the continued high gas and electricity prices would mean "more money for us".'

Another of the 'benefits' of privatisation. Everything was going to be soooo much cheaper, sooo much more efficient after privatisation. Remember?

Most people don't, which is why they'll vote for an idiot who cannot even stay on a bicycle.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gruff - how do you know things are not cheaper than they would have been without privatisation.

Can anyone tell me how we can eradicate fuel poverty by paying for other peoples home improvements via the mechanism of increasing my fuel bill?

How is it that money derived from anti global warming measures can be used to pay for extra fuel to keep us from freezing?

Can I sustain myself by eating my own liver?