Friday, 26 September 2008

Gordon irresponsibility Brown. Cameron will be rubbing his hands together.

Gordon Brown's address must have been written by two monkeys on one dodgy keyboard in two minutes. I can't believe he said: "The age of irresponsibility is over" What a clueless Muppet! A commenter (simonofoxford) on Nick Robinson's Blog hits the nail on the head:


Next time you see Gordon, ask him who was Chancellor and PM during the 'Age of Irresponsibility' If he doesn't answer that he was - then he has no concept of honesty. He cannot run away from his responsibilities. Would you leave an arsonist to put out the fire he started?
It's very good of Gordon to give David Cameron such a great conference warming gift. That's not a round of applause you hear Gordon - that's the sound of palms hitting ministerial heads in disbelief.

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Travis Bickle said...

The giveaway on the paucity and downright opportunistic hypocrisy of the speech was after about a dozen plugs for the speech from Simon Mayo beforehand Radio 5 coverage was cut after little more than 2 minutes of his excruciating, stuttering effort. Should have stuck to the plan and asked Sarah to deliver the speech for him.