Sunday, 7 September 2008

Jeremy Kyle Gets Britain Working - I kid you not!

I don't know whether to laugh or bloody cry. Apparentleee..., the government and ITV are considering a programme hosted the dole queue's favourite TV presenter - Jeremy Bloody Kyle. The show, possibly to be named "Jeremy Kyle Gets Britain Working" (no joke) will highlight the role of the Department for Work and Pensions in getting thousands of people off benefits.

Old Jeremy could start with most of his bleeding audience and guests.


Andrew Allison said...

Every time I have had the misfortune to catch snippets of his show he always seems to be shouting at his guests.

I imagine he leads a blameless life, free from trouble and strife. Now he'll attack the soul, who won't get off the dole, rather than the one who shagged someone else's wife.

(My apologies. That just came to me)

Deb Acle said...

Kyle will be starting by getting public services functioning properly then.

A recent gvt report on unemployment commissioned by DWP showed that 60% of unemployed people would work IF they had the support they'd been promised by statutory agencies (clearly this impedes people with disabilities the most).

Robin said...

If it means he`s going to the dole offices, frown at the signers on and ask Why Are`nt You At Work ? then it`s a good policy.

kris said...


ShabzUK said...

The fact that jeremy kyle exists shows that britain doesnt work anymore the government are encouraging everyone to abandon the principle of care in this supposedly enlightened country and this will only lead to social anarchy i ask you all not to give in to this brainwashing of the public at large and to realise that contrary to the popular belief that everyone should be able to have a full time job, if such a thing as this came to pass then how would this arrogant little man find work and what use would the DWP be.

just a thought thanks for reading

Deb Acle said...

Shabz - I think you're saying that people like Kyle and agencies like DWP are parasites?

I plead ignorance about both Kyle and the DWP, but I have studied other government agencies in depth - the NHS, local authorities and the police - in addition to major charitable organisations.

Those that I have knowledge of certainly appear to have little function other than to provide their employees with pensionable work. E.g. NHS bureaucracy increased by over two-thirds in ten years from 1997 with at least a 10% drop in productivity/output/results for patients.

Similarly the police service has seen huge injections of cash and additional staff (PCSOs for example) over the same period. Gvt ministers have admitted in Parliament that they cannot account for the missing millions. There is a rising actual crime rate (as distinct from recorded crime which, naturally, the gvt claims is falling) and a lessening of faith/trust in this body. (See HMI of Constabulary's latest report).

It's the oldest tactic in the book: distract critics by sending them off to attack those who are weaker/an easy target.

People who are unemployed are usually out of work for reasons that are beyond them to sort. We are all intrinsically part of a bigger system which dictates and demands.

Anger said...

If its a problem now, then what about when we decipher that the figures have been spun and actually there are millions more unemployed..just under a different heading, eg. new deal, incapacity etc. Maybe I am alone in my thinking but I feel since the country has been business and money focused it has spiraled downhill in every other aspect, I dont believe it is helping to force mothers out to work, as we can see the results with the feral children on the streets scaring the life out of the rest of the public. These mothers have a far more important job to this up and coming generation from itsself.Working a part time job the getting working tax pocket money from our so called leaders does not improve anything, Without all these jobs being cut inhalf and shared out...half a job each..{coz thats all thats out there...16hrs a week] there maybe enough jobs for the genuinely unemployed..all of them...under one title..not spun so the figures decrease! Maybe you have created more nanny positions, thats about it, but im sure most mothers would rather bring up their own child instead of leaving it to a nanny, and raising a child has to be more satisfying than being someones P.A for 16 hours, What exactly is wrong with how things used to be? we managed to bring up kids with respect, work hard for pay not working tax pocket money. In brief we have lost direction, we have lost whats important and we have lost control. We shouldnt believe buying a new sofa on easter sunday is more important than spending that day with your family, nor should the staff have to miss their family time to sell these sheep their new sofa on easter sunday, surley time is what we are being robbed of along with our individuality, our identity and soul...good luck living in this country, Im not staying here, Im ashamed to be british

ShabzUK said...

No im not thinking Kyle or the DWP are parasites in the case of Kyle i think that these people exist to encourage people to point fingers at each other and like many i have been unemployed and understand how this is a job within itself. If has you have said in your previous comment that Kyle will be exposing the help the unemployed can get to help them back to work then im all for it. But if Kyles previous work is looked at as his CV then i think he is not qualified to have the potential influence over the number of people he will be able to influence through the media but that is a personal opinion at the end of the day.