Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sarah Palin is 6/1 favourite to be the first female President of the USA.

From William Hill:

Sarah favourite to be 1st female president as:

JOHN McCain's odds have shortened from 2/1 to 6/4 to win the US Presidential Election since he appointed Sarah Palin to be his running mate, say bookmakers William Hill, who have lengethened Barack Obama's odds from 4/11 to 1/2.

'Barack is still favourite but the Palin factor has impacted on support for McCain and since her appointment, 75% of the bets we have taken have been for him.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WILLIAM HILL have installed Sarah Palin as 6/1 favourite to be the first female President of the USA, overtaking former favourite Hillary Clinton, who is now offered at 7/1. 'Sarah's appointment has sparked a minor attack of punter Palin-mania and we have had to cut the odds for her to win the 2012 Election and also to become the first female President' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

SARAH SPECIALS.....4/1 Ever to become President; 20/1To become President in 2012 (was 33/1); 6/1 To become first female President.

WILLIAM HILL - TO be first female President ; 6/1 Palin; 7/1 Clinton; 14/1 Chelsea Clinton; 20/1Kathleen Sebelius; 25/1 Condoleeza Rice. Others on request.

Hills have now lengthened their odds about Sarah Palin standing down as John McCain's running mate from 8/1 to 14/1 - 'The early crisis seems to have been dispelled' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

STATE ELECTIONS.....William Hill have opened a book on which Party will win various vital states and offer:

Colorado 8/11 Dem Evens Rep
Florida; 5/4 Dems; 4/7 Reps
Michigan; 4/9 Dem; 13/8 Rep
Montana: 7/4 dEM; 2/5 Rep;
Nevada; 5/6 Dem; 5/6 Rep
New Hants 8/13 Dem; 6/5 Rep
N Carolina; 9/4 Dem 1/3 Rep
Ohio; 4/6 Dem; 11/10 Rep
Pennsylvania; 1/4 Dem; 11/4 Rep
Virginia; 5/6 Dem; 5/6 Rep


Andrew Allison said...

Where would we be without you, Steve, giving us all the odds. Palin for President sounds like a good bet to me. I may wander down to the bookies on Monday and place a little wager. It's a better bet than the national lottery.

alison said...

A politician who has done nothing and said nothing outlined zero policies but presented us with her lovely wholesome family - and the odds are out on the presidency. Wow. This election has lost the plot XD

James Higham said...

Could do worse than SP.

John M Ward said...

I have no idea about odds (and I don't understand these figures at all, as I have never gambled and don't know the system) but I think it is a good assessment to reckon Sarah Palin as the most likely "first female American President".

Despite what the Lefty trolls try to suggest, the lady has an impressive track record that goes way beyond what many of her contemporaries have achieved, and it also shows a far better outlook and attitude.

I know this frightens the Left, who are well aware that they have no effective countermeasures. Tough!

Anonymous said...

I am a 60 year old, conservative party holding card member. I am also a woman.
I have noticed that most of the supporters of SP over here are male. Considering her stunning good looks I can understand that (men & women always think viscerally first when they meet a new person). I am however, shocked at the complete lack of thought concerning support of her.
If I was to do exactly the same as her over here, I'd be completely villified by all sides.
She is most certainly not my sort of conservative (I couldn't stand Billary either, she was/is a very divisive lady).
If this woman gets voted in, any advances women have had in society will have beeen sent back to the dark ages.