Friday, 17 October 2008

Financial Crisis- Of course Gordon Brown is to blame.

Gordon Brown useless Tw*tWell done David Cameron (video). This morning he reinforced the Tory position of supporting the government through the current economic crisis, but at the same time making it very clear where the blame lies for that crisis. It is without doubt that this is a global crisis, but it is also absolutely without doubt that we would be in a reasonable position to weather it if Gordon Brown had not made such a bloody pathetic job of running the economy for the last eleven years. Gordon Brown's economic competence has been a mirage conjured from lies and spin all along. We all knew it.

This realisation of Brown's true incompetence is not a recent phenomenon amongst the governments opposition. Time and again the Tory shadow cabinet has attacked Labour over its borrow and spend - borrow and spend some more mentality - all of which will have to be paid for by us through our already high taxes. A great many people in this country are going to suffer because Gordon Brown did not manage the country's finances correctly. I feel quite foolish writing all this because it is all so obvious. And yet I feel compelled to do so when MSM journalist such as Nick Robinson feel that Cameron has to prove his case of Brown being the "architect of their problems" to the public.

There is no doubt that Brown has been party to this crisis through his failure to ensure proper regulation in this country. There is no doubt that we are "up Shit Creek without a paddle" because Brown sold the paddle when paddles where at the bottom of the market. And to use a Cameron-esque metaphor - we are up to our ankles in shit because Brown did not fix the boat when he had more than enough of our money to do so.

People will lose their homes, people will lose their jobs, people will lose their pensions - and it is unequivocally Gordon Brown's doing.

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Anonymous said...

Economists expressed concerns about Icelandic Banks back in February.
Brown turned a blind eye and deaf ear it would appear - instead continued to tell Councils to invest there for highest interest.