Friday, 28 November 2008

Damain Green arrested - Welcome to third world Britain.

Welcome to the third world. Thanks to Gordon Brown we are heading towards a third world economy, and following Damian Green's arrest we are going to be seen by the rest of the civilised world as a third world state. A shadow minister arrested by a squad of anti-terror police and held for nine hours without charge for doing his job. I'm worried and so should you be. Green brought to the attention of the public, information which was of public interest. Green had to take this route because the government was trying to hide its embarrassing incompetence over its dealings with illegal immigrants.

Claims that this was purely a police operation are a complete feed of arse, and I'm sure the truth, when revealed, will be even more embarrassing for the government. I can't wait for David Cameron’s press conference this morning. For the sake of the nation and our liberty he needs to go for the government with both barrels.

You can see David Cameron's response this morning by clicking HERE.


Letters From A Tory said...

The fact that this was done just as Parliament broke up for a short time, thereby removing the opportunity for the government to be quizzed about it at PMQs and elsewhere, tells you all you need to know about how cynical Labour have become.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the "Green arrest" headline I thought bloody ell whats steve been doing!

Alfie said...

It is a sad inevitability that this has happened. (With worse to come?). The imbecile in number 10 will stop at nothing to maintain his unelected and no-mandate job. He has craved for the post ever since he was little - when kids were playing with Action Man and dreaming of becoming a train driver, young Brown was already acting out meeting the High Commissioner of Paraguay on the steps of number 10.

Brown is the most dangerous of politicians - he believes he was born to be PM. He believes the end justifies the means, he believes that his way is the only way - and that the country couldn't possibly cope without him... And he will do anything in his power to preserve that.

No one can tell me that Green's arrest wasn't given the green light at Cabinet level. From a country that was a beacon of individual freedom and self expression, we have become an enslaved nation - and the 645 useless Gloucester Old Spots at Westminster have let it happen.

Daily Referendum said...

Maybe I'm next? Who is safe now?

Rogue Gunner said...

You can read my thoughts on this Facist Labour Government here

USpace said...

If Labour and the Tories would just be sensible and honest about immigration policies and problems, then non-racist Brits simply concerned with Britain would not be driven to the only party concerned about immigration problems, the BNP; most of whose members are NOT 'fascists' or 'racists'.

Gordon Brown is clearly a fascist wannabe, and it would be even worse for Boris Johnson to have been privy to this. Hopefully most people will hear about this.
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