Sunday, 23 November 2008

Gordon Brown's pre budget report - dead cat bounce.

The game is up Gordon Brown - A dead cat will bounce... but it is still a dead cat.

News of last nights ICM poll that showed the Conservatives maintaining their double digit lead (Con 42%, Lab on 31% and the Lib Dem on 19%) was followed by an incredibly damaging report from the BBC (shocker). The BBC's reporter was stopping the general public in the high street to ask them what they thought of Gordon Brown's tax cut package. Every single person stopped pointed out that they were only too aware that it was a short term tax con and that they would be picking up the tab later. It seems that the message put out by Cameron and Osborne has made it through to the general public, and that the only people who will be pleased to see tomorrows PBR will be those not already paying tax. I for one will be cutting back on my spending because I know that next year, or the year after I will be paying for Gordon Brown's incompetence.

The only people who are likely to carry on spending after tomorrows PBR announcement are those who don't have to worry about money, or those idiots who are in massive debt and don't know how to stop spending (sounds a bit like Gordon Brown). I think we can forget any rumours of Brown calling a snap election, it's too late now, the people have finally realised what is going on.

How can anyone believe Brown's solution for paying off the debt he is building up at a massive rate? He says that the increased revenue from an economic recovery (if his plan works) will help defuse his tax bombshell. There are two very large problems with this: One, it is highly likely that people will tighten their belts knowing that they are going to be hit by tax rises in the near future. And two, after eleven years of economic growth - Gordon Brown failed to pay off nation debt - why should our financially dyslexic leopard change his spots now?

Many thanks to The Spine for creating the cat image for me.

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