Friday, 7 November 2008

Labour are out to get George Osborne - They fear him.

George OsborneWe've all seen George Osborne perform in public and he is damn good at it. At a time when the economy is crashing the last thing the government want is a shadow chancellor that makes the real one look like a feeble dimwit. I've watched George give his last two party conference speeches and they were both brilliant. The first one set the party on it's way to the massive poll leads we have seen this year. In the house we have seen Osborne destroy Darling, leaving him a waffling wreck. George has come out with some great policies, popular with the general public, so popular that Labour have had to rubbish them, and then quietly adopt them as their policies a few months down the line.

Since Mandelson came back into the Labour fold we have seen a return to the "Dark Arts" and their number one target has been George Osborne. George and Cameron are a great team, and labour understand that if they are to survive then that team must be broken up. Labour trolls are infesting the right side of the blogosphere and every comment contains a swipe at Osborne. Unfortunately some members of the Tory grass roots have short memories and are falling for Labour's dirty tricks.

What has Osborne done recently? He gave a great conference speech with great policies and at every occasion he is pointing out that Brown is to blame for the mess we are in. Unfortunately the Labour spin machine has gone into overdrive and the media are buying into it. Brown is telling some massive lies and the media - particularly the BBC - are not questioning them. The biggest lie of the moment is Brown's insistence that he is able to spend the country out of this economic crisis because national debt is so low. Can you believe it? I've heard him come out with this rubbish on several occasions and he is getting away with it. Until the media starts doing its job properly, Brown will continue to pull the wool over the voter's eyes.

Cameron and Osborne are a great team who have taken the party from well behind in the polls to well in front. We should all remember that Brown's lies won't last as the economy bites and Cameron and Osborne will destroy the weaker Brown and Darling as the General Election approaches.

Don't fall for Labour spin, there is a good reason labour are desperate to get rid of Osborne.


James Higham said...

Keep it up, Steve. He needs the support.

2345 said...


Thank you, well said. Campbell, as well as Mandleson, is back in town and the electorate remembers well enough.

BBC appears to be under increasing labour union control; licence payers money being spent on the Prescott's TV appearances. The media made Ross/Brand the fall guys in the obvious 'reshuffle' and sharp increase in 'you've never had it so good message' in dumbed down TV 'documentaries'.

I'm 61 and have lived through many governments; never have I witnessed one as malicous as labour's handling of the Opposition. It's contempt for democracy and hard working taxpayers are increasingly alarming to 'middle Englanders', young and old.

Labour's never governed on the basis of honesty or integrity; 'dirty tricks'is their method.

I see life simply and to my mind labour tactics have the hallmarks of 'mob' rule.

2345 said...

I first experienced Labour's perverse 'dirty tricks' form of government on my mother's admission to a Social Services Care Home.

Private management introduced itself to relatives as a non profit making charity. At the next meeting, it declared making 'small profits'; had 20 year government contracts with 30 Councils to consolidate and rebuild new 80 bedded homes.

Without warning untrained non English speaking immigrants began to replace qualified British agency carers. The elderly became confused and isolated due to language barriers. I took issue with the Chief Executive whose website claimed 'highly trained' carers. A search at Companies House revealed the provider was a large consortium of limited companies making vast profits from the elderly. The company charged more per bed (filled or empty) than Social Services, alongside a drastic fall in food and care standards.

British workers reporting safety issues were called 'racists'; Social Services & CSCI were rendered powerless with relatives complaints. British carers were expected to teach English as well as care work to a procession of immigrants, resulting in less time to meet the needs of the elderly.
British carers hours were reduced.
The elderly became withdrawn and confused.

An elderly lady was found hanging by her neck as a result of an untrained African Agency workers ignorance of how to operate a hoist. The British carer who discovered the hanging lady was forbidden to report it or summon a GP due to threat of job loss. She needed the job and had to act against her conscience and the interests of the lady in care.
Just one of several alarming incidents in one home ....

My mother died two years ago. She entered a 'top care' Home in the safe hands of dedicated carers.
I witnessed it reduced to the level of a non-communicative Institution.

My anger arose from a total lack of honesty at the outset with those affected, the vulnerable elderly. The abolition of longstanding complaints system eradicated in the deceitful process. The misuse of the word 'racist' to silence the dedicated highly trained british carers.
Namely, oppression, threat and menace in the government's totally underhanded pursuit of profiting from the elderly via private contracts. The losers are those incarcerated.

George Osbourne is in the same position for the same reason - he's viewed as a threat to labour's aim of staying in power as opposed to democratic government. PFI's is just one area yielding massive profit to labour unionists. This is the loss they fear - underhand, 'closed shop' profiteering - our vulnerable elderly being just one sector.

Labour achieves it's self serving hidden agendas by gross misrepresentation, false allegations against the innocent and oppression.

Michael Heaver said...

Er, Osborne is a solid Tory frontbench face (not saying much), but he has already lied on a number of occasions about economic regulation while mysteriously leaving out the fact that it is the European Union which has pretty much unanimous control over large parts of what British business, particuarly those operating in the city, now have to deal with. I'll presume that he is shrewd enough to understand such workings which begs the question....why hasn't the issue of city regulation, banking regulation, VAT and the strangulation of EU redtape on small businesses been bought up?

Because I'm afraid, the Conservative Party is just Blue Labour and Cameron is your Blair. As a Tory with a seemingly sceptic attitude towards the EU and climate change, I await the conversations you and I may have when Cameron's government, of which Osborne will be a major part, finally have the chance to prove they are going to operate any differently from the current bunch of muppets. They won't. It'll just be more spin and bullshit as they posture pretending that Britain's sovereignty still resides in our Westminster Parliament.

2345 said...

michael heaver,

EU cannot prevent Tory proposals to aid ailing small businesses with 1p tax cut, short freeze on VAT.

Nulabor has failed to protect the interests of small businesses with other EU regulations - 'yes' men, as always. Easy to see why Brussels loathed Margaret Thatcher isn't it ? She took a stand for her people - a true politician.

Nulabor loathes the principles of democracy.

Cassius said...

I hope you are right Steve, but fear you may not be.

Back in November 2005, I sent an e-mail to Mr Osborne, as follows:

Dear Mr Osborne

Although the Conservative Party leadership contest has been an entertaining diversion which may have brought back public attention to the Party, I remain depressed at the apparent lack of effect your colleagues and you have had in attacking the misdemeanours of the present government. The number of areas for criticism are manifold, yet the Conservatives appear unable to dent Labour's flimsy armour, with some possible exceptions such as a few taunts at PMQ.

An important example, if not the most important matter, is the mishandling of the economy by the Chancellor. It takes an economist, Andrew Dilnot, to make us aware (on TV) of the growing mess and the underhand conniving for which Mr Brown has been responsible in relieving us of our savings. Yet I hear scarcely a reported word from the shadow Treasury team. Although you may well wish to point to various speeches you have made or reports issued, the fact is there is a continuing lack of success in your communicating your critiques to the public, or at least to this member of the public. Perhaps the media give you little opportunity, if so, it may be that you have nothing worthwhile to say - in terms of what the media require to fill their columns or schedules. Perhaps it is because there are not enough in the Tory parliamentary group prepared to "mix it", and there is a paucity of pugnacious will and ability.

Whatever the causes, I respectfully ask that now the leadership contest is all but over, you address these matters with a vigour which, to me, has not previously been evident.


Of course, I received no response, but my complaint is still valid, imho.