Monday, 1 December 2008

Vote - Damian Green, Did Gordon Brown or Jacqui Smith have prior knowledge of his arrest?

Personally I find it very difficult to believe that both Jacqui Smith and Gordon Brown had no prior knowledge of Damian Green's arrest by the (note: I said "the" not "our") anti-terror police. I'm also disgusted that neither of them have seen fit to condemn this assault on our so called democracy. What do you think - are they innocent of all involvement - or are they being economical with the truth?

Do you think that Jacqui Smith or Gordon Brown had prior knowledge of Damian Green's arrest?
Yes for Jacqui Smith
Yes for Gordon Brown
Yes for both
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Anonymous said...

Get over yourself! All this kerfuffle over some nonsense in a regional debating chamber of no importance at all in the real world. A minor lunatic asylum stuffed with jokers and charlatans intent on defrauding and deceiving the people that they matter.

Daily Referendum said...

Is that you Richard?