Thursday, 4 December 2008

Damian Green's arrest: Tyrants always silence the opposition.

Gordon Brown, Tyrant?What do all - repeat - all Tyrants do when they gain power? You know very well from your history lessons at school that their top priority is to silence the opposition. It starts with slur campaigns in the media, followed by arrests on trumped up charges, and finally people just start to disappear. We have seen how low humanity can stoop when tyranny goes unchecked. Stalin's great purge, and Hitler's Night of the long knives, are two of the better known purges of political opposition, both led to greater atrocities. You may think I'm going over the top following this line, but we have already seen Labour mount slur campaigns and instigate an arrest on trumped up charges.

There are some facts that must be remembered in the Damian Green case:

1) He was arrested for receiving leaks from a civil servant - a practice that has gone on for years and was a particular skill exhibited by Gordon Brown when in opposition.

2) Jacqui Smith is trying to imply that national security was at risk - If that is true, why was Green not arrested under the official secrets act?

3) The justification for bringing in the police was that there were "systematic" leaks from the Home Office - That is true, but it does not mean that Damian Green did anything but his job, it means that the Home Office is incapable of maintaining its own security.

4) None of the leaks were a threat to national security - they were purely a threat to Jacqui Smith's job.

5) When the police entered Damian Green's office without a warrant, they did so illegally.

6) It is alleged, and as yet to be denied, that the police gained access to not only Damian Green's office computer, but the Westminster mainframe.

7) The unwritten contract between MPs and their constituents has been damaged. How can you now trust your correspondence to be held in confidence? Would you complain to your MP about the police?

Some die-hard Labour knuckle draggers are claiming that the Conservative party are faking their indignation on this matter. Those idiots should spend some time watching the debate held on this matter and they will soon realise that many Labour MPs are also very worried and angered by this attack on democracy. They need to ask themselves if they would be happy being treated in the same manner after the next general election.

Trying to silence the opposition is the greatest threat to democracy and freedom in this country. And those Labour supporters should ask themselves this: Why are there SO MANY embarrassing leaks coming out of the Home Office? Surely if Jacqui Smith was anywhere near competent there wouldn't be any leaks. You shouldn't be trying to stop embarrassing leaks - you should be getting rid of the useless Minister responsible for the embarrassment.


Sean Lynch said...

Steve, this Labour government is unquestionably the most venal, bent, incompetent and frankly downright dangerous bunch of inveterate liars that our country has ever had to suffer, I personally doubt whether the ballot box can remove them, they will stitch everything up, including elections!
I will be surprised if we ever have another General Election.

2345 said...

The only relevant FACT is that a terrifying raid was made on Damien's family home MINUS the STATUTORY SEARCH WARRANT - making it illegal.

It was tantamount to a 'paramilitary raid' under orders in a democratic country.

Sean Lynch - Mugabe style ??

John M Ward said...

I consider this to be one of the very best posts I have read anywhere this week, and have said so on my own 'blog, linking to this article.

It is just so true; and I have added my own comment that I suspect that part of the reason for this was to get hold of any useful (to Brown) private correspondence via his now largely-politicised police.

Daily Referendum said...

Thank you very much John. And I agree with your post, there is more to this than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

This is an entirely internal matter for the ruling political class. Ordinary people are amused, revolted, and annoyed in equal proportions by this hissyfit display by MPs of the main parties.
The Tories are seen as staging the whole episode, and the NuLab lot as owning the Speaker and being dishonest on every level. No one outside sees the incident as of any importance, after all this is not a parliament with any real power, which properly belongs to Brussels. A bit of disrespect to posturing MPs does not raise any anger in the ordinary voter who is used to being totally ignored by the political classes, who exist only for their own benefit.