Sunday, 28 December 2008

Gordon Brown 9/4 to get the boot in 2009. Happy new year indeed.

Now this would make for a Happy New Year.

From William Hill:

GORDON BROWN is a 9/4 chance with William Hill to leave office as Prime Minister during 2009. If he does go, Hills make Harriet Harman 3/1 favourite to succeed him and also offer 4/1 David Miliband; 7/1 Jon Crudass; 8/1 Alan Johnson; 9/1 Jack Straw; 10/1 James Purnell.

Hills are also betting on whether there will be a General Election in 2009 and offer 7/4 that there will be one between January and June of the year; and 11/2 that there will be one between July and December of the year.

If there is one, Hills make the Conservatives 4/9 to emerge as the largest Party, with Labour 13/8 and the Lib Dems 100/1. It is 2/1 that there will be a Hung Parliament.


Harry Hook said...

"Gordon Brown 9/4 to get the boot in 2009."

I'll have a punt... especially if it means that he gets the same treatment as that poor nurse in Scotland.

Daily Referendum said...

Missed that H, what nurse?

Harry Hook said...

"A nurse who has been missing for more than a week was found alive in the boot of a car."

Expect more puns in bad taste... in the New Year.

Daily Referendum said...

Oh Yeah, Nice one!