Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Irwin Stelzer - Gordon Brown, stop blaming America!

From Irwin Stelzer in Telegraph:
Enough! It's time to put an end to Gordon Brown's ridiculous blame game. As the Prime Minister tells it, Britain's woes started in America. Like some strain of flu, America's problems found their way across the ocean to London, and from there to the rest of the British economy. Cheers from the Left, eager to rubbish America and to resurrect their leader's reputation.

Unfortunately for Mr Brown, neither his claim – he told Parliament yesterday, "Not only have we saved the world", modestly eschewing the "I" word – nor his Macavity act can survive scrutiny. It is beyond question that Britain's problems stem in part from its fractured regulatory system, with responsibility split between the Bank of England, the Financial Services Authority, and the Treasury. A close study of the relevant documents fails to reveal that this system was forced upon Brown by the US authorities. No, it sprang full blown from the brains of Chancellor Gordon Brown and his sidekick, Ed Balls.
Please do read the full article by clicking HERE.

If you are wondering who Irwin Stelzer is, click HERE. You will find that he may know what he's talking about.


William Gruff said...

Be very careful before using Seltzer to buttress your condemnation of Brown. (What goes around comes around, as Seltzer might say.)

James Higham said...

Also, remember this name: Peer Steinbr├╝ck.

Man in a Shed said...

I believe he used to advise Gordon Brown.

However what I do like about him is his patriotism - he doesn't let people get away with talking down America.

Travis Bickle said...

Marvellous, after bad mouthing America and now Germany, surely this lot can find a way to blame or piss off Russia and China.

Anonymous said...

One might think, that a scholar such as William Gruff, would at least spell Irwin Stelzer's name correctly. Extremely ill mannered I thought. Seltzer is more akin to what he should take after a piss up.