Sunday, 28 December 2008

Labour are a bunch of Bishop bashers.

How low can Labour sink? A group of Bishops have criticised the government's economic policy in a series of articles for the Sunday Telegraph. Some people have commented that the clergy should not get involved in politics. Well I disagree. When government policy can be clearly seen as immoral, i.e telling people who are already in serious debt to go out and spend, spend, spend, then they have a duty to speak up. It is the Church's primary job to provide moral guidance.

Of course the government don't like being criticised. So what has one of its senior members said in response to the Bishops?:

John McFall, a senior Labour MP and the chairman of the Commons Treasury committee, said: "I don't know if at the bishops' palaces there has been too much mulled wine passed around over the past few days."

Nice. I suppose the next thing we can expect is a vicarage to be raided by the anti-terror police.


Andrew Allison said...

Governments have never liked being bashed by bishops. This comment though is below the belt. He should also note very few bishops live in palaces and those that do live in their own apartments inside those palaces. It was a cheap shot.

James Higham said...

Raided and the mulled wine confiscated. :)

Letters From A Tory said...

I would prefer politics and religion to be kept as far apart as possible in general, but I don't mind the church commenting on such matters seeing as they are supposed to represent a lot of people.

Tractor Stats said...

When Labour have a leader like this then there's absolutely no hope what so ever

CherryPie said...

The government shouldn't be in power if they are not open to criticism!

James Higham said...

Bishop bashers.

Like it.