Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Labour MP Jim McGovern quits government in protest over Post office privatisation.

Labour MP Jim McGovern has quit his government post. The parliamentary private secretary to business minister Pat McFadden has resigned in protest over Post office privatisation. No doubt he will have some words to say about Peter Mandelson's involvement. More later....

Jim said:
"I believe a PPS has to be fully supportive of proposals of the department which they serve. "In this case I do not support what looks to me like partial privatisation of the Royal Mail. "In his statement Pat McFadden said he welcomed an expression of interest from the Dutch postal company TNT, for me it simply beggars belief that we would employ the services of a company from abroad to tell the Royal Mail in this country where they are going wrong."

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James Higham said...

Now if they'd just get on with it and deliver the mail within a reasonable time, that's all we ask.