Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Michael Martin's statement on Damian Green's arrest.

Michael Martin has made his statement to the house on Damian Green's arrest. First of all I thoroughly believe that Martin is using Serjeant at Arms as a scapegoat. The very first words out of my mouth when informed by the Serjeant at Arms that the Police intended to raid an MP's office would be: "Not without a bloody warrant they won't" And I now promise to vote Labour in the next General Election if Michael Martin did not utter very similar words. And if he didn't, then he bloody well should have, and he should step down if that is the case.

The Serjeant at Arms should be sacked for incompetence and her position returned to its former stature. It's shameful in the extreme that the government are still trying to spin their way out of this attack on democracy. David Cameron had Brown bang to rights when he said that Labour were relying on their belief that the public are stupid. And when are Labour going to realise that putting Mandelson on our screens does nothing but scare the kids and reinforce the our opinion that Labour MPs are a bunch of liars. You've got be some kind of colossal idiot to believe that Mandelson will boost your party's image.

Also very disturbing is the fact that Gordon Brown refused to agree that it was wrong for the Police to raid Green's office without a search warrant. Unbelievable!

Oh - and another thing - Iain Dale asks some very important question about police warrants.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Oh dear! All this hot air, flatus and pretense during Commons play time yesterday. What, no search warrant? The speaker, the seargent at arms and those dozy conservatives all forgot to ask for one? Gordon doesn't care a damn, several threaten to faint or have the vapours, what a scene! And all this in a provincial debating society from where all power long since given away by its frozen incumbents. Frozen in time like some Anderson fairy tale with ludicrously over dressed bewigged and decorated figures engaged in curious antique fol de rols. It's like a trip on LSD or a return to the Bedlam of a previous age. Even a return to Brussels would be somewhat saner than yesterdays nightmare.

William Gruff said...

Anonymous 09:25:

Should you wish to affect archaic linguistic mannerisms you should at least pay attention to your spelling.

'Pretense' is spelt pretence

'Play time' is spelt playtime

'speaker' (sic), being a proper noun, is spelt Speaker, with an initial capital.

'seargent' (sic), being a proper noun, is spelt with an initial capital and, regardless, is spelt Serjeant, with a 'j' and not a 'g'.

'conservatives' (sic) being the plural form of a proper noun is spelt Conservatives

'Yesterdays', being apparently the genitive case of a noun, rather than its plural, should have been spelt yesterday's.

I have not the time nor inclination to correct your appalling grammar, syntax and errors in punctuation but I would counsel you to check carefully what you submit to posterity before clicking on 'publish your comment'.

Anonymous said...

William Gruff, you, sir are a pompous twit. Or should it be tit?