Saturday, 6 December 2008

Speaker Michael Martin 4/1 to get the Chop By Christmas.

Michael Martin has come under further pressure to step down today. Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews has said he no longer had any confidence in the Speaker:
"We should be allowed to do our principal job, our main job, which is to hold the government to account, relentlessly to hold the government to account. "And an attack on that job and that office is not an attack on [the MP], it is an attack on the people who they represent. "There is no greater attack than raiding the office and removing files at the behest and with the consent of the Speaker. And that is, in a very real sense... an outrage. "If we go into the trenches in order to try to defend this then it would be seen as part of a lamentable history on civil liberties issues and it would do us terrible damage at this stage,"
From William Hill:


UNDER-PRESSURE Speaker, Michael Martin, is 4/1 with William Hill to lose his job before Christmas.

'He doesn't seem to have the unanimous support of his Party, let alone the House as a whole and we have taken a string of bets for him to be gone by Christmas. However, we think he is a great survivor who will not step down without a struggle!' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills offer 1/7 that Martin is still Speaker on December 25, 2008.


2345 said...

The Speaker lacked the means and capability of instigating a 'paramilitary style' terrifying raid on the home of Damian Green. Seizure of private property without statutory right - a search warrant - is an incursion.

Odd that the Labour MP overlooked the critical point - the person(s) who 'gave orders'.

Anonymous said...

A government run on the principles of democracy is straightforward.

A self serving regime which operates on spin and manipulation is destructive to civilization as history has proven time and again.

The hallowed halls of Parliament is not 'Big Brother House' in which untraceable phone voters have people 'ousted'.

James Higham said...

Have to wait and see.