Saturday, 31 January 2009

Gordon Brown now 5/2 to jump or get the push in 2009.

From William Hill:

PUNTERS have backed Gordon Brown down from 6/1 to 5/2 with William Hill to CEASE to be Prime Minister during 2009. 'Since the financial crisis took hold the odds about Mr Brown ceasing to be Prime Minister during 2009 have steadily shortened' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

At the same time, Labour's odds of winning the next General Election have lengthened dramatically from 5/4 to 11/4 with Hills, while the Conservatives have shortened from 4/7 to 1/4 favourites, making them hotter favourites to win the next General Election than at any time since Gordon Brown became Labour Leader.

And Hills say political punters are plunging cash on a Tory landslide - 'We now offer just 5/4 that the Tories will get 375 or more seats, and that will constitute a landslide victory'

'We can't give Labour away at any price at the moment, punters want to be on the Tories at whatever price we offer' added Hill's Sharpe.

Labour are out to 7/1 to have an overall majority at the next Election, with the Tories 4/9. Hills offer 9/4 about a Hung Parliament.

THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION is now odds-on to take place in 2010, say bookmakers William Hill who make that a 1/3 chance from 4/9. Hills offer 9/2 that it will be between July and December of this year and the same price that it will be before the end of June. 'As the polls turn against Labour, punters become more convinced that Mr Brown will have to wait until 2010 to call an Election in the hope that things will have swung in his favour by then.' said Hill's spokesman.

Hills have lengthened their odds about Brown to 1/4 to lead Labour into the next Election and shortened the odds for him not to to 11/4.

Brown is now odds on at 4/5 with Hills to be the next of the three Party Leaders to leave his job, with Nick Clegg at 7/4 and David Cameron 4/1.


Date of next General Election
Jan-Jun 2009 - 9/2
Jul-Dec 2009 - 9/2
2010 or later - 1/3

Will there be a General Election in 2009

Will there be a Hung Parliament after next General election?
1/3 No
9/4 Yes

Next General Election result
Conservative Majority - 4/9
No Overall Majority - 9/4
Labour Majority - 7/1

Most Seats at the next General Election
1/4 Conservative
11/4 Labour
100 Liberal Democrats

Which Leader will be the first to leave their post?
4/5 Gordon Brown
7/4 Nick Clegg
4/1 David Cameron

Date of Gordon Brown's departure?
2009 - 5/2
2010 - 4/5
2011 - 25
2012 - 20
2013 - 16
2014 - 10
2015 - 10
2016 - 25
2017 or later - 25

Who will succeed Gordon Brown as Labour Leader?
7/2 H.Harman
5/1 D.Miliband
7/1 A.Johnson
8/1 J.Purnell
10/1 A.Burnham
10/1 J.Straw
12/1 E.Balls
12/1 J.Denham
20/1 H.Benn

Who Will Succeed A.Darling as next Chancellor?
5/6 G.Osborne
4/1 K.Clarke
5/1 E.Balls
10/1 V Cable
16/1 D.Miliband

Gordon Brown to lead Labour into the next General Election?
1/4 Yes
11/4 No

Conservative Landslide at the next General Election (to win 375 seats or more)
4/7 No
5/4 Yes

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