Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Has John Prescott gone mad?

I've read some crap in my time, but John Prescott takes the biscuit tonight. He wants his readers (he must think they are stupid) to believe that David Cameron has committed some kind of dirty by asking his MPs to turn out to vote against the Heathrow expansion.

John says:

But we've been denied that chance to listen and debate* because we were called back to London to vote on Heathrow expansion.

Normally we would cancel each other out as members would be paired. But David Cameron insisted that all his MPs were in the Commons tonight so he could try and highlight divisions in Labour over Heathrow.
I cannot seriously believe Prescott expects anyone with half a brain to fall for this drivel. Talk about spin! He is trying to make out that Cameron is some kind of eco-criminal for trying to stop the expansion of heathrow. Can you believe it? Maybe Cameron wouldn't have had to call in all of his MPs to vote if Gordon Brown hadn't resorted to turning on the waterworks with his rebel MPs.

You can't see it, but John Prescott has got more neck than a whole jar full of giraffes.

*Council of Europe delegation debate on Russia's invasion of Georgia


Anoneumouse said...

Its your job to get your backside down to the palace of westminster to vote.

When you abstain or vote against something you believe in i.e.(like heathrow),it usually means you are morally weak or you are shit scared that the whips know about my pedophile tendencies.

Pairing is for lazy gits

Letters From A Tory said...

Prescott was a genuine annoyance in office, and now he is continuing to act as a genuine annoyance despite being a political irrelevance.

jon dee said...

He gets publicity as well as "neck". On BBC News/politics website "Prescott fronts Labour phone push" features as one of its main stories.
Gaza impartiality is obviously more important than UK politics impartiality.

John M Ward said...

Sorry for being a bit late responding to this…

MP pairing is in reality suitable only for non-controversial minor matters, and experienced Members are well aware of this.

Not everyone will agree with the idea, but in practice it can be a useful way to avoid a lot of expenses claims by MPs heading into (and back from) London just to vote on something routine.

Of course, this could not possibly apply to the Heathrow question, so it is correct that Prescott is just trying to score (incorrect) political points, hoping that the public-at-large is sufficiently ignorant of these matters that he can get away with it.