Monday, 26 January 2009

Labour Lords cash for amendments - suitable punishment.

When I think of the House of Lords, I think about trust, honour, nobility, honesty and integrity.

The formal title of the House of Lords is:
The Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled.
If a Peer's honour is found to be in question after an investigation carried out by Lords Interests sub committee, then that Peer should face a vote in upper house to ascertain whether they have acted dishonourably. If a peer is found to have acted dishonourably, they should lose their right to membership of the House of Lords, and face criminal investigation if that is recommended by the Interests sub committee.


JIMBO123 said...

I dont expect anyone will be prosecuted as it is one large safe club, screwing the tax payer.It gets more like the EU every day, corrupt to the core.

Dungeekin said...

No doubt whitewash will follow.

They've already got their arguments in place - they were referring to 'lobbying', 'offering advice', etc...and 'no money changed hands'.

So the 'honourable' Lords will continue on their corrupt way.