Saturday, 21 February 2009

Gordon Brown is to visit Obama - Oh dear.

Gordon Brown is to visit Obama, oh dear, that's a shame, Barack's career was going so well. I guess Gordon popped in to see the Pope this week to make sure they weren't double booked again.

From Sky:
The Prime Minister will visit the White House on March 6 to discuss the "common global challenges" faced by Britain and America.

These will include the situation in Afghanistan and the global financial crisis, a Downing Street spokesman said.

The announcement suggests Mr Brown has won the race to become the first European leader to visit the new President in Washington.

A White House statement said the two nations "share a special partnership, and the President looks forward to working closely with the Prime Minister to address common global challenges."
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Andrew Allison said...

Expect more catastrophes, Steve.

subrosa said...

The Kiss of Death morelike. Silly Obama he should have sidestepped the request for this.