Sunday, 15 February 2009

Labour are flushing an extra £219bn down the Sh*tter.

£219bn is a hard figure to imagine. What could you do with a million? Iain Martin from the Telegraph's Three Line Whip is asking: How did Labour manage to spend so much so badly?

Many of us have been aware that Labour have thrown money at policing, education and health. We've heard the announcement's at each Budget statement, millions here and billions there. But what turned me away from the Labour party was their total inability to manage the money they have spent - our money. Who thinks that we have less crime? who thinks that our kids get a better education than we did? who thinks that our health service is worth the money we pay for it or that our hospitals are as clean as the used to be?

I think about the last decade and I ask myself - has the country and society in general improved for all the money Labour have spent? The answer is no. Crime, booze, drugs, teenage pregnancy, manners, morality, respect - can you think of any of these that have been improved under this Labour government.

They've spent and wasted our money, got us into unimaginable debt and as far as I can see, they have only made the country worse than before they started.

I really do wish that Brown will call it a day, and soon.


wonkotsane said...

You're assuming that he's going to give up at all. I'm not convinced we'll see an election any time soon, not even when the law says there should be one.

Warsteiner said...


Terrorist attack/civil contingencies I agree wonkotsane - Gordo will not allow an election

Sean Lynch said...

There is a possibility that the Idiot might just die, he looks like a warmed up corpse anyway.
He really belongs in the old Soviet era in the Kremlin when all the leaders of the party were geriatric survivors of 1917 and had the same vitality.